The Separation

This book was extremely moving and kept me on the edge of my seat the whole way through. I couldn’t wait for Lydia to be reunited with her daughters who she believes are dead. The deception, the lies, the betrayal by her husband Alec are all unbelievable. I liked how the book was told from two different viewpoints – Lydia’s and Emma’s (her eldest daughter). I especially liked Emma’s character – a confused young girl wondering what’s happened to her missing mother. I sympathised with her greatly. I also liked Lydia’s character – a passionate and strong woman. Though Lydia finds new love as she attempts to rebuild her life without her girls, the book focuses more on the love between Lydia and her daughters rather than on Lydia’s affairs. Another thing I liked about the novel was the tropical Malayan setting. It reminded me of Kate Furnivall’s ‘The White Pearl’. All in all, an excellent read. It’s left me wanting to read another Dinah Jefferies story.

4 stars


The Separation 2