Full of atmosphere and beautifully written. This novel is historical fiction at its best. This is the third book I’ve read by Jefferies and probably my favourite, although I have greatly enjoyed all 3 of them.

Two sisters, both half French and half Vietnamese – Nicole takes after her deceased mother with her jet black hair and exotic looks whilst Sylvie looks typically French from her perfectly pretty face to her stylish brown waves. But all is not well between the sisters and as the threat of war becomes more imminent, Nicole must decide who she can trust.

As Nicole uncovers her family’s involvement in government affairs, will she be able to remain loyal to her French roots (despite her father’s and sister’s cruel ways) or will her mother’s people convince her to join their side?

Along the way, Nicole meets two men, Tran (a Vietnamese rebel) and Mark (a dashing American silk trader). As Tran tries to encourage Nicole to join forces with the Vietminh, her decision on who to trust is only made more difficult because she can’t deny what she feels for Mark but he too is entangled in the war and Nicole feels whichever path she chooses will have its consequences…

I can’t wait to read more by this author 💛